New Zealand Maori Golf Association Inc.



Overview | tirohanga whanui

n excerpt adapted from the 1982 magazine article by the late W.W. Marsh and updated at regular intervals by NZMGA National Secretary)- “The earliest evidence of Maori Golf that has been discovered dates back to the 1800’s. Balls were hit off mud-heaped up tees using the clubs fashioned from Manuka and gorse. No knickerbockers or fancy skirts for the players, merely tartan blankets, used as rapaki by the males, korowai for the females. No shopping at the Warehouse for bargain golf shoes either – bare feet were the order of the day. Fifty years later, at Waiohiki, Napier the first Maori tournament was held. Mr Kurupo Tareha Patron, H.M. Tatere Secretary and Turi Carroll President, were the first office bearers and were elected at the inaugural meeting held in 1930.


The committee consisted of P. Keiha, S. Ropata, J. Hape, W.T. Kuru, J. Carroll, R. Halbert, W. Desha, A. Whitiwhiti, W. Paraha and Rev. Wharetini Rangi. The following year the New Zealand Maori Golf Association was established. Records of those very early days are unavailable there one can only speculate on the number of participants and the interest shown in the game. However, given the climate of the golfing fraternity at the time, we can assume that the number of golfers in the field in those days were much smaller. Without the modern means of transport, going from one venue to another had its drawbacks – imagine travelling from the far north to Wellington on a horse-drawn buggy or a Model T! It would be pretty hard to justify a month off work to play golf for one week! Apart from travel Maori were not as welcome on the golf links as they are today, and worse still, young players were not encouraged – a trend which continued evening during the 1950’s and 60’s.


Waiohiki, Wairoa, Dannevirke, Hastings, Gisborne and Wanganui held the tournament alternatively for the first 14 years and in 1952 Rotorua joined the circuit. Taumaranui, Hamilton Otaki, Te Awamutu, Whakatane, Papatoetoe, Pukekohe, Feilding, New Plymouth, Taihape, Mt Maunganui, Waitomo, Christchurch, Taupo, Whangarei, Nelson, Masterton, Waitangi, Wellington, Taranaki, North Harbour and the Eastern Bay of Plenty have all been hosts to this grand event.


The first Maori men’s golf champion in 1932 was Adam Kawhe. Kapi Tareha won in 1933-34, W.T. Kuru (Waipukurau) 1935, 37, 39. Tori Jones (King Country) in 1947, 49, 50, 52. Ben Whitiwhiti in 1954-55. Then along came another hot shot from the King Country Trevor Ormsby who has won the title 8 times – 1959-60, 63-67, 76. D. Gray 1970, T. Marsh 1970, 82. B Ogilvy in 1979, 85. Philip Tataurangi 1988, 90, 92. The first woman to hold the title was Mrs T Tareha, followed in 1933 and 35 by Mrs Kuru Tareha. Mrs J Hape in 1936, 37, 39, 50. W. Bennett 1947, 49. Miss Frances Pere in 1970-71, 73-74. Raina Hokianga in 1977, 80-81.


The ladies equivalent to Trevor Ormsby can in the form of Polly King, who has held the title an amazing 8 times from 1982-86, 90, 93. The first of the young guns won her first title at the tender age of 14. Wiki Shailer took the title in 1995 and again at Taupo in 2000. Another young promising golfer, who is currently a member of the NZMGA Executive, Aroha Tito, won her first title in 1996 and again in 1999.


Walter Godfrey represented this country on a number of occasions but turned down a trip to South Africa when he was elected for N.Z. in the World Amateur team in the early 1960’s. He later turned profession. Philip Tataurangi and Michael Campbell a titleholder in 1991, have both become professional golfers, Michael winning the US Open in 2005 and receiving the prestigious awards of New Zealand Sportsperson of the Year 2006 and New Zealand ‘Albie Pryor’ Maori Sportsperson of the Year 2005.


Miss Frances Pere was only 15 when she won the first of her four titles and went on to represent N.Z. in Australia at the age of 18 and the following year at the Commonwealth Championships in England. Similarly Brenda Ormsby has represented NZ on more than one occasion and is currently the resident pro at Springfield. Teria Sandle (nee Te Riini) 2006 at the age of 15 became the holder of women’s course records at Levin, Kawerau and Te Teko Golf courses.


Maori Golf Tournaments are a platform for many young golfers to display their talents and launch their careers. However, let us not forget that apart from all the young, supple and talented golfers, there are also those who had the dream and those that continue to enjoy the friendship and sense of fun that golf brings. The Masters and Golden Girls are a reminder of those early beginnings and it is they that hold fast to the kaupapa, treasure their Whanaungatanga and thoroughly enjoy renewing the many friendships built during their years on the circuit. Playing on the same course as the Kaumatua is an experience, for instead of hearing anguished sighs when a shot goes astray or a putt is missed, one is treated to great shouts of laughter and Maori humour.


The late Mr Tom Maniapoto ex-President of the association, once stated; ‘much water has flowed under the bridge since 1930 and no doubt much more will flow in the years to come but I, for one, will treasure all of the many friendships that have been made in the past and no doubt will be made in the future. This is what golf is all about – meeting old friends and making new ones.’


“In 2006 Patron Te Ao Peehi Kara passed away – New Zealand Maori Golf Assn paid tribute to his memory by holding a tournament in 2007, hosted by Ngati Kahungunu. Rangatahi support has been fostered and promoted well since 2003 by introducing the New Zealand Maori Golf Assn under 19 National tournament – the first 2 tournament being held at the Ballantyne Golf Resort then transferred to Ngaruawahia Golf Club for several years. 2011 saw the tournament held at Te Awamutu Golf Club, and it is intended to synchronise the tournament with where the national championships are held in that year. The tournament is growing in stature and whanau support. NZMGA thank those hosting rohe for their support of this tournament.


The illustrious complete list of Past Champions is hereby noted:


1932 – 2014


Tau     Tane     Wahine      Rohe


1932  A Kawhe  T Tareha  Waiohiki


1933  K Tareha  Kuru Tareha  Wairoa


1934  K Tareha  T. Chase  Dannevirke


1935  W T Kuru  Kuru Tareha  Waiohiki


1936  J Hape  Mrs J Hape  Hastings


1937  W T Kuru  Mrs J Hape  Gisborne


1938  J W Mapu  A Tareha  Wanganui


1939  W T Kuru  Mrs J Hape  Hastings


1940-1946  Not held  WW II


1947  T P Jones  W Bennett  Waiohiki


1948  J Hape  M Peade  Wairoa


1949  TP Jones  W Bennett  Waiohiki


1950  TP Jones  Mrs J Hape  Dannevirke


1951  Z Gray  L Adsett  Wanganui


1952  TP Jones  Mrs McCready  Rotorua


1953  K August  R Sage  Taumaranu


1954  B Whitiwhiti  D Wilkie  Hamilton


1955  B Whitiwhiti  P August  Waiohiki


1956  M J Phillips  M Kaua  Gisborne


1957  D Morrison  M Kaua  Otaki


1958  J Chapman  L Sage  Rotorua


1959  T Ormbsy  M Kaua  Taumaranui


1960  T Ormsby  P August  Te Awamutu


1961  W Godfrey  T Lawrence  Whakatane


1962  W Godfrey  A Mullany  Waiohiki


1963  T Ormsby  P Kidd  Rotorua


1964  T Ormsby  Mrs Bainbridge  Papatoetoe


1965  T Ormsby  Miss Winterburn  Taumaranui


1966  T Ormsby  P August  Dannevirke


1967  T Ormsby  K Johnson  Pukekohe


1968  J Matahaere  D Blake  Gisborne


1969  E La Rosa  L Adsett  Rotorua


1970  D Gray  F Pere  Taumaranui


1971  D Gray  F Pere  New Plymouth


1972  S Kopua  L Adsett  Papatoetoe


1973  D Gray  F Pere  Feilding


1974  J M Ngatai  F Pere  Taihape


1975  W Poka  P Oats  Mt Maunganui


1976  T Ormsby  A Pickup  Waitomo


1977  T Marsh  R Hokianga  Wanganui


1978  J Kupa  A Butler  Christchurch


1979  B Ogilvy  H Johnson  Taupo


1980  G Wilson  R Hokianga  Waiohiki


1981  A Hema  R Hokianga  Gisborne


1982  T Marsh  P King  Whangarei


1983  R Ogilvy  P King  Nelson


1984  P Gadogen  P King  Rotorua


1985  B Ogilvy  P King  Masterton


1986  M Taiuru  P Kingi  Wellington


1987  D Raumati  M Kirby  Whakatane


1988  P Tataurangi  L Regnault  Taupo


1989  W Mathews  A Waiwai  Te Awamutu


1990  P Tataurangi  P King  Rotorua


1991  M Campbell  L Regnault  Taupo


1992  P Tataurangi  B Ormsby  Rotorua


1993  G Nathan  P King  Waitangi


1994  J Nathan  A Almond  Wellington


1995  B Cribb  W Shailer  Gisborne


1996  J Watson  A Tito  Taranaki


1997  D Wairepo  T Howard  North Harbour


1998  M Hall  C Williams  Whakatane


1999  P Morrison  A Tito  Wellington


2000  N Davey  W Shailer  Taupo


2001  N Davey  W Shailer  Hamilton


2002  A Millar  J Cox  Christchurch


2003  B Waiwai  A Tito  Rotorua


2004  A Reedy  A Gaskill  Wellington


2005  B Waiwai  L Eruera  Gisborne


2006  M Tumata  T Te Riini  Whakatane


2007  M Tumata  M Tulisi  Whangarei


2008  A Henare  N Tulisi  Levin


2009  M Tautari  K Nicholas  Christchurch


2010  H. Puha  K. Chadwick  Napier/Hastings


2011  L. Neumann  T. Clay  Te Awamutu


2012  H. Puha  K. Chadwick  Rotorua


2013  J. Golding  K. Chadwick  Taupo


2014  W. Brown  T. Kingi  Omanu


2015  N. Cassidy  K. Chadwick  Taupo


News | te karere





Association name change


2013 –Previous name New Zealand Maori Golf Association Inc. changed to Aotearoa Maori Golf Assn Inc.






2013 – The newly created kakariki logo created by Mr Richard Garrett – used for the purpose of Marketing and Promotion of the association.


The iconic kikorangi logo will continue to maintain its mana – being used for constitutional and legal purposes.




Hall of Fame


April 2015 – inauguration of the Aotearoa Maori Hall of Fame.


Inductees Mr Kapi Tareha Matchplay Winner 1933 and 1934 (posthumously)


Mr Kuru TarehaFirst Patron – duration of tenure Unknown (posthumously)


Mrs Audrey MullanyMatchplay Winner  1962 (posthumously)


Mr Harry NgataiAdministrator 1955 – 1975


Mrs Rovina Maniapoto-Anderson  National Secretary 1965 – 1982


Mr Trevor OrmsbyMatchplay Winner 1959/60/63/64/75/66/67/76


Mrs Pare KingMatchplay Winner 1982/83/84/85/86/90/93


2016 –


Inductees Mr Tori Jones Matchplay Winner 1947/49/50/52


Mr James KupaMatchplay Winner 1978


Mr Kingi Porima Executive 1982, Vice President 1986-1987, 1992-1994, President 1988. 1995-2000. Patron 2008 – 2013, Kaumaatua 2014 – 2016 +  Administrator 2002 – 2016 +, Life Member.


Mrs Hohi PorimaLadies Committee 1986-1996, Assistant Secretary 1997,


Ladies Vice President 2001, Administrator/Starter 2002-2016+. Life Member.


Mr Pita AnaruAdministrator 1955 – 1975




2015 WINNERS list






Scholarships Inia Logan


Manaaki McColl


Zane Rangihika


Keegan Wiltshire


Rangatahi Boys Stableford Winner Louie Love – Parata


Rangatahi Boys Nett Winner Ngawhai Te Wiki


Rangatahi Girls Nett Winner Jodae Ngaheu


Rangatahi Gross Winner Taine Manaena


Junior Men Stableford Winner Gareth Edwards


Intermediate Men Stableford Winner Lawrence Aspinall


Ladies Stableford Winner Rangi Leabourn


Senior Men Stableford Winner Tuakana August


Golden Girls Stableford Winner Carol Wilson


Masters Stableford Winner Noel Gardiner


Junior Men Nett Winner Mike Jones


Intermediate Men Nett Winner Len Kingi


Ladies Nett Winner Debbie Noble


Senior Men Nett Winner Haupai Puha


Golden Girls Gross Winner Isobel Dick


Masters Gross Winner Bill Anderson


Junior Men Gross Winner Robert Reihana


Intermediate Men Gross Winner Anthony Palmer


Golden Girls Ngati Porou Trophy Nett Winner Bessie Wilson


Masters Ngati Awa Trophy Nett Winner Joe Taingahue


Junior Men Te Ao Peehi Trophy Matchplay Winner Terry Hunt


Intermediate Men Rongomaiwahine Trophy Matchplay Winner John Rua


Ladies Strokeplay Winner Kate Chadwick


Senior Men Tainui Strokeplay Winner Teina Hotene


Ladies Te Tai Tokerau Regional Maori Golf Trophy Matchplay Winner Kate Chadwick


Senior Men Otautahi Trophy Matchplay Winner Nathaniel Cassidy






2016 WINNERS list:






Rangatahi Boys Nett R/U Tuhourangi Wilson


Rangatahi Boys Stableford Winner Wilson Simmonds


Rangatahi Boys Nett Winner Cosmo Graham


Rangatahi Gross Winner Christian Walker


Junior Men Stableford Winner Swayde Hau-Tahuri


Intermediate Men Stableford Winner David Piahana


Ladies Stableford Winner Suzee Watene


Senior Men Stableford Winner Oliver Barnsdall


Golden Girls Stableford Winner Carol Wilson


Masters Stableford Winner Bill Potae


Junior Men Nett Winner Zekes Hohaia


Intermediate Men Nett Winner Kipa Simon


Ladies Nett Winner Mary Lines


Senior Men Nett Winner Keegan Wiltshire


Golden Girls Gross Winner Susie Jane Hikairo


Masters Gross Winner Bill Anderson


Junior Men Gross Winner John Tapiata


Intermediate Men Gross Winner Dean Scott


Golden Girls Ngati Porou Trophy Nett Winner Debbie Wood


Masters Ngati Awa Trophy Nett Winner Noel Gardiner


Junior Men Te Ao Peehi Trophy Matchplay Winner Terrence Hunt


Intermediate Men Rongomaiwahine Trophy Matchplay Winner Tori Van Straalen


Ladies Strokeplay Winner Kate Chadwick


Senior Men Tainui Strokeplay Winner Teina Hotene


Ladies Te Tai Tokerau Regional Maori Golf Trophy Matchplay Winner Te Rongopai Clay


Senior Men Otautahi Trophy Matchplay Winner Herewini Hohepa





Contact | whakapa

National Secretary
P.O. Box 265, KAWERAU 3127
Phone 021 293 0208

Administration | mana whakahaere

Executive Committee: Nga Kaumatua Kingi Porima JP, Dame Iritana Tawhirangi,  – President: Roku Mihinui, Vice President: George Brown,  Jnr Vice President: Crete Wana, Executive members:  Mervyn Waiwai, Terry Rangihaeata, Tom Walters, Aroha Tito, Greg Stebbing




Management:   General Manager: John Cribb, National Secretary: Phyllis Rangihika, Financial Administrator: Lee-Anne Clark, Tournament Director: Aroha Tito




Auditor:  Nock and Co, Hamilton Solicitor: – (not specified)