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E nga mana, e nga reo, nei ra te mihi maioha a te kaupapa TU TOA e tu ake nei.


Ko Ruahine te maunga, ko Oroua te awa, ko Tahuriwakanui te hapu TU TOA is an existing education initiative based at Massey University which currently has 24 students enrolled through Years 9-13. TU TOA provides a varied curriculum that focuses on academic, sporting, and cultural pursuits for the students using a combination of high quality coaches, teachers, and mentors.


Curriculum delivery is multimodal with The Correspondence School providing direct resources in each of the student’s subject areas.
All students have individualised plans that reflect their aspirations and needs. Individual plans assist in maintaining a positive blend between students’ academic and sporting career pathways. Students individual plans are reviewed three weekly to ensure they are ‘living documents’ focussed on students’ short, medium and long term outcomes.
Whanau engagement and involvement is critical in the TU TOA model, the student and their whanau link to ensure holistic development is achieved.


The TU TOA CHARITABLE TRUST was established in 2005 to encourage high achievement by youth. The Trust operates as a supervisory arm of The Correspondence School where excellence is fostered within a culture built on Maori values, best practice in education, and sporting accomplishment. The educational curriculum is delivered through. The Correspondence School with additional support from an educational co-ordinator, sourced mentors and tutors.


THE TU TOA CHARITABLE TRUST seeks to build excellence in sport and education within a Maori context. Its specific objectives are to foster academic achievement using sport and a strong Maori identity as sources of motivation enabling rangatahi from all social and socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to excel in education and sport. TU TOA promotes a culture of success founded on Maori values and an expectation of high attainment.


A key feature of TU TOA is an educational programme that is compatible with the demands of top level sport. TU TOA is constituted as a charitable trust governed by a Board of seven Trustees plus a whanau representative.


The three broad aims of TU TOA are:
1) To develop athletes to play sport at the highest level
2) To establish a school where academic excellence and sporting accomplishment will be jointly fostered
3) To enhance students wellbeing through Maori values
Arising from these aims are the goals of:
a) Identifying athletes with desire and talent to reach their best potential
b) Creating an environment where Maori values and success are integral
c) Providing academic and sporting programmes of international standard


MANAGEMENT; The TU TOA CHARITABLE TRUST employs a full-time educational coordinator and project manager. The educational coordinator supervises educational programmes and maintains close contact with The Correspondence School, assigned mentors, whanau, and expert tutors to ensure the students individualised plans are in successful operation. The project manager oversees all operations of the Trust maintaining links with all stakeholders involved. Administrative tasks related to both the educational and sporting arms of TU TOA are the responsibility of the project manager.


STUDENTS; The student body encompasses Year 9-13 students.


Criteria for acceptance into TU TOA will include:


-Students who have high levels of commitment to sport and education


-Students who have aspirations to participate in tertiary education


-Students who have aspirations to participate in sport at national and international levels


-Students who wish to embrace Maori values and processes within a learning environment


MASSEY UNIVERSITY; The TU TOA CHARITABLE TRUST has negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Massey University. Under the Memorandum, the school is co-located on the Palmerston North Hokowhitu campus with access to University sporting facilities as well as expert input from University personnel.


SPORTING OBJECTIVES; We recognise that success at the top level of sport will not be realised unless there are the facilities and systems in place that are conducive to intensive training and challenging competition. Training is a central component of high performance sport hence it is given due priority by the TU TOA CHARITABLE TRUST. All students are involved in daily conditioning sessions followed by breakfast and are expected to manage a lifestyle reflective of high performance sport.
Those sporting objectives are to provide:
Physical conditioning, Specialist coaching, Nutrition education, Mentoring support
Periodised planning and Mental skills development


CONDITIONING; All students participate in daily conditioning as preparation for their specific sport performances and for general health benefits. Conditioning takes place each morning at 8.30 am at either of the Massey University Hokowhitu or Turitea Campus venues.


A range of facilities are available including the Massey University Gymnasium, astro turfs and athletics track. Given the close proximity to the Esplanade, Lido Aquatic Centre, Manawatu River and Massey Hills, these areas are also used to provide variety and varied intensities to each session.


Ballet and Golf students are based at their sport specific locations for morning trainings as part of their conditioning plan.Largely the periodised conditioning plan is coordinated by Yvette and Nathan however James Amon (Personal Trainer NZAS-C) offers programme support for sport specific plans. Consultation between the athlete and their coach/ whanau is another essential link in the conditioning plan.


Conditioning is one of the critical components of sport performance and hence is coordinated with sports science support. Dr Ra Durie (Sports Medicine Physician) provides medical support to all students assessing their needs and referring to appropriate specialists for follow up care where needed. In addition the athletes receive nutrition advice amd monitoring from Rachel Svenson (NZAS-C provider, Hurricanes & Turbos rugby).


TU TOA NETBALL PROGRAMME; Yvette coordinates and coaches the netball team who compete in a number of local, regional and national events including the regional Lower North Island Secondary School Netball (LNISSN) Competition. The team have been fortunate to experience the challenges and opportunities of high performance netball through the LNISSN, the Lion Foundation New Zealand Secondary School Tournament (NZSS) and the local Netball Manawatu Premier One and SS competitions.


In 2009, we have a selected squad competing for an opportunity to play for the TU TOA Netball team. We have six players identified in the NZ Netball Talent Development programme with one earning a selection for a NZSS trial in April. There are still opportunities that other members from our squad will receive wildcard entry. Furthermore, there will be opportunities for selection into the Aotearoa Maori tournament team to participate in the Trans Tasman Tournament. The players in the squad have made a commitment to the programme and the challenges of high performance netball withseven players having relocated to live in Palmerston North.


OUR TEAM HISTORY; The team have qualified for the NZSS over the last four years by winning the LNISS Tournament in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and rnners-up in 2008. At the NZSS Tournament the team has been placed 3rd and 4th respectively in 2005 and 2006 with a 3rd placing achieved in 2007. In 2008 we were placed 5th.


In 2006 and 2007 the players played for the Feilding Netball Club in the Manawatu Standard Cup Premier One Netball weekly competition. In 2006 they placed 2nd behind the Feilding A1 Netball Club Team. In 2007 the players were members of the Feilding Netball Club A1- A3 teams in Premier 1 and Saturday netball. In 2007 the A1’s placed 2nd and the A2’s 4th in Premier 1. In 2008 we placed 1st in the Manawatu SS Premier grade and finished 3rd in the Senior Womens Premier grade.


All members of the netball team are Manawatu & Western Netball Representatives with seven selected for a NZSS trial in 2007. Two players were selected in the NZSS 2007 team whilst five other team members played for the Aotearoa Maori Secondary School Team. Both these teams competed in the Transtasman SS Challenge. In addition, one member competed in the Western 1 STNC Team whilst three other players were in the Western 2 STNC Team.


In 2008, we had six players identified in the NZ Netball Talent Development programme with two earning a selection for a NZSS trial in April. Three of this squad were selected for the Aotearoa Maori SS Team to compete in Adelaide. Sheridan Bignall, Charmaine Smith & Whitney Cassidy were named in the LNISS Tournament team. Sheridan Bignall being selected as the player of the tournament.


TU TOA TENNIS; Dr. Ra and Michele Durie coordinate the Tennis programme. Ra coaches, plans and organises the tournaments for the players with the support of whanau and other local Tennis coaches.
The Tennis Dome pictured in the photo gallery, has been built by Ra and Michele and is situated behind their family home and the Tennis accommodation block. The purpose built accommodation block houses 5 of the secondary school team.


The TU TOA tennis teams, perform creditably at the annual NZSS Tennis finals, and take out many titles at the National Maori tennis championships. Ra and Michele assist players to travel to Germany for a part of their year to provide Tennis experience in Germany and other European countries. Whilst away students’ academic programmes are coordinated by Yvette and The Correspondence School via email, internet and workbooks.


TU TOA GOLF TEAM;  We are located next door to the Manawatu Golf Club and enjoy the priviledges of this proximity. Golf students negotiate their training times with morning, after school and two mid day sessions per week. Our golf programme is coached by Stephen Wood
Nathan coordinates the golf programme in consultation with Stephen Wood, Palmerston North Golf Club, Manawatu / Whanaganui Golf, Maori Golf, the students’ golf coaches and their whanau.


ROWING; World Junior rowing bronze medalist, and 2008 Junior Maori Sportswomen of the year, Paparangi Hipango, has joined TU TOA and is again trialing for NZ to compete at the World Junior Championships.


SWIMMING; Anna Birchall has joined our whanau from Carncott School. Anna trains under the tutelage of her own personal trainer and coach, attending our programme for academic support and mentorship.


CLIMBING & BALLET;  We are fortunate to have the services of Mrs Gwenda Britten who provides individual tuition on a daily basis. Rose and her whanau coordinate the ballet programme including conditioning and nutrition sessions with Tony Small. Rose conducts her training sessions during the morning conditioning period, returning to class work at the same time as other students.


HONOURS; Winners of the SPARC, ‘Best Community Initiative Award’ at the 2007 National Maori Sports Awards.

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Physical Address:
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